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PARTS- In Store


If you are looking for a spare tire, or replacement wheels, please contact us with the following information: 
Wheel size 
Number of lugs 
Load Range (ex. "Load Range: D")

Hubs, Bearings, Races, and seals

We offer several sizes of hubs from 4 lug all the way up to 8 lug, including drums and disks. Hubs need to be exact so bring in the old one so we can match it up.

Doing your own bearing service? We have all the bearings, races, seals, and grease caps you'll need to get the job done. YES WE HAVE BEARING BUDDYS!


We carry a plethora of hardware and are sure to have what you're looking for. Head into the store today to pick yours up! Don't know what size you need? Bring in an old one and we'd be happy to match what you're looking for.

Bunks, Carpet, and Plastic Covers

Replacing whole bunks or just need to re-cover your existing ones? We have all the sizes you'll need.

Measure your existing bunk OR just bring it in and we can match it up.

Carpet colors- Black, Grey, and Blue

We have 3 types of plastic coverings for bunks AKA "Slicks". 



Looking for leaf springs? Call or email today with the following information to see if we've got what you need: 

Measurement from eye to eye (end to end) 

Number of leaves 

Brand of your trailer 

A description of what each end of the spring looks like 

If we don't have it, we'll get it for you!

Winches, Manual & Power

We offer many different sizes and brands of winches, from small winches for jet ski to big multi speed winches for 30FT boats.

Don't want to pull your boat on by hand? we offer PowerWinch brand electric winches in several different sizes. PowerWinch has several different mounting holes so it will fit any brand of trailer.

Brakes, Drum and Disk

Need to replace your braking system or even just service your existing one? Maybe you want to convert your old boat trailer from drum to disk. No matter the reason, we have the parts you need.


NJ law requires that any single axle trailer over 3000lb capacity needs to have brakes and any tandem axle trailer needs to have brakes on both axles regardless of weight capacity.

Cross-Members & Frame Rails *Brand Specific

Did your cross members fall victim to years of salt water exposure? Take good pictures and measurements (and brand if you know it) and we can get you the replacements you need.

For some brands *example LoadRite* we can source and replace entire frame rails.

Fenders, Single, Tandem, Tri Axles

Crash your trailer into something at the boat ramp and you need a new fender? We have Steel, Aluminum, and Plastic fenders for single, tandem, and tri axle trailers.

If you cant bring one in, take good pictures along with the height, length (from the bottom) and width.

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